Archean Au-Ag-(W) quartz vein/disseminated mineralisation within the Larder Lake-Cadillac Break, Kerr Addison-Chesterville system, north east Ontario, Canada. by J.P. Smith [and others]

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Ore deposits - Larder Lake area, Kerr-Addison Mine, Gold - On
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Description Archean Au-Ag-(W) quartz vein/disseminated mineralisation within the Larder Lake-Cadillac Break, Kerr Addison-Chesterville system, north east Ontario, Canada. by J.P. Smith [and others] PDF

The Au-Ag-Cu Brosman prospect is located in the Line Lake area on the northern limb of the Chibougamau anticline, in the northeast part of the Archean Abitibi greenstone belt. This prospect comprises a broad N-S, subvertical mineralized envelope formed in Cited by: 8.

In many granulites, especially Archean examples, LILE depletion is a primary feature; accordingly, the granulitization model for Au–Ag vein deposits can also be ruled compliance of K/Rb and K/Ba ratios in potassic alteration domains of Au deposits with values characteristic of main-trend igneous rocks or "average" crust implies that K Cited by: The average Au:Ag ratio for lodes is ≈ Most lode Au occurrences along Archean Au-Ag- book Lewis and Clark line in the Big Belt uplift are interpreted to be remobilized from Archean basement rocks and deposited in Belt strata, in some cases syngenetically, near basement growth faults active during deposition of the Greyson and Newland : Lee A.

Woodward. The Taivaljärvi Silver Mine Ag-Au-Zn deposit in eastern Finland is located in the Archean Tipasjärvi greenstone belt (), in the southern part of a north-trending, about km long and from 3–5 km wide, Tipasjärvi-Kuhmo-Suomussalmi greenstone complex that is a part of the Archean Kianta terrane (Sorjonen-Ward and Luukkonen, ).Several studies discuss the geology and geochemistry of the Cited by: 1.

Source processes for Archean Au–Ag vein deposits: evidence from lithophile-element systematics of the Hollinger–McIntyre and Buffalo Ankerite deposits, Timmins Book. Full-text available. Archean Au-Ag-(W) quartz vein/disseminated mineralisation within the Larder Lake – Cadillac Break, Archean Au-Ag- book Addison – Chesterville system, North East Ontario, Canada.

Ontario Geological Survey, Open File Reportpp. Google ScholarCited by: 8. The Aucoin project lies in the Archean Hopedale Block of the Southern Nain Province. The Hopedale Block is bounded Other than Au, Ag is the main anomalous metal, with minor Cu and Pb.

Of note, is the overall lack of As in these veins, which may be just below the field book in the foreground returned an assay of g/t Au.

Note brown. Start studying Elements of the Periodic TableAg, Au, Hg, Pb, Sn, I. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Use the activity series of metals (Table ) to predict the outcome of each of the following I put in Au^3+(aq)+ Ag(s)--> Au(s)+Ag^+ it says this is.

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During the remobilization process, Au and Ag were decoupled, which resulted Archean Au-Ag- book (1) a change in Au/Ag ratios of to 5 in early pyrite to ≈9 in the new native gold ( Au fineness) and (2) incorporation of Ag into cogenetic secondary mineral phases (e.g., chalcopyrite, tetrahedrite, and galena).Author: Evan C.G.

Hastie, Daniel J. Kontak, Bruno Lafrance. Archean greenstones are structurally and stratigraphically complex. Although thicknesses up to 20 km have been reported, because of previously unrecognized tectonic duplication, it is unlikely that any sections exceed 5 km (Condie, ).Most Archean greenstones are composed chiefly of subaqueous basalts (Figure ) and komatiites (ultramafic volcanics) with minor amounts of felsic tuff and.

References & Additional Information: Selected References: Cote-Mantha O, Daigneault R, Gaboury D, Chartrand F and Pilote P, - Geology, Alteration, and Origin of Archean Au-Ag-Cu Mineralization Associated with the Synvolcanic Chibougamau Pluton: The Brosman Prospect, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Canada: in Econ.

Geol. v pp. Leclerc F, Harris L B, Bedard J H, van Breemen O and. The gold deposits that are hosted in the Archean metamorphic rock, have yet to be explored beyond Pinglidian gold deposit in the northwestern Jiaodong Peninsula, eastern China.

This kind of gold deposit differs from those that are hosted in Mesozoic granitoids, showing good potential for the prospecting of auriferous quartz-vein gold deposits controlled by the structures in greenfield Archean Cited by: 3. Au-Ag core-shell ([email protected]) bimetallic nanospheres synthesized by a facile seed-growth method are proposed as a substrate for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) to detect azo-group dyes including Sudan I and Sudan II.

[email protected] nanospheres with a series of particle sizes (diameter: 30– nm) and silver shell thicknesses (6–51&#x;nm) were synthesized and compared for their Cited by: This book focuses on the metallogeny and main tectonic events of the North China Craton from early Precambrian to Phanerozoic. It covers the Archean crustal growth, Paleoproterozoic rifting-subduction-collision processes, Great Oxidation Event, Meso-Neoproterozoic multiple rifting, Phanerozoic reworking of the North China Craton, as well as metallogeny related to above different processes.

National Agricultural Services Pty Ltd, Mildura, Victoria. K likes. National Agricultural Services is 'Working Together' with local growers, supporting them with a wide range of agricultural /5(8).

Sm Nd fluorite dating of Proterozoic low-sulfidation epithermal Au Ag deposits and U Pb zircon dating of host rocks at Mallery Lake, Nunavut, Canada Archean rocks in the Baker Lake Basin.

Kong, Zhigang Wu, Yue Liang, Ting Zhang, Feng Meng, Xuyang Lu, Lin and Yang, G. Sources of ore-forming material for Pb-Zn deposits in the Sichuan-Yunnan-Guizhou triangle area: Multiple constraints from C-H-O-S-Pb-Sr isotopic compositions. Geological Journal, Vol. 53, Issue., Author: John Ridley. East Indian Shield bears the evidences of Archean metallogenic and crustal evolution like the other major shield areas of the world.

Download Archean Au-Ag-(W) quartz vein/disseminated mineralisation within the Larder Lake-Cadillac Break, Kerr Addison-Chesterville system, north east Ontario, Canada. by J.P. Smith [and others] FB2

The primordial continental crust in the form of more silicic bodies were floating like metallurgical slags over the hotter and denser ultramafic-mafic lithosphere (UM-ML) before Ma. Earliest sediments, now represented by the Older Metamorphic Group (OMG. The Olympic Cu-Au Province is a metallogenic province in South Australia that contains one of the world’s most significant Cu-Au-U resources in the Olympic Dam deposit.

The Olympic Cu-Au Province also hosts a range of other iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) deposits including Prominent Hill and Carrapateena. This paper reviews the geology of the Olympic Cu-Au Province by investigating the Cited by: 3. The tectonic setting and evolution of the Ga Kalgoorlie–Kurnalpi Rift, a world-class Archean gold province Walter K.

Witt, Kevin F. Cassidy, Yong-Jun Lu. The Jiapigou gold field in southern Jilin Province, China, is located on the easternmost portion of the northern margin of the North China Craton (NCC).

It is one of the most important gold-producing districts in China, having been responsible for nearly half of Chinas gold production during the s and has a current estimated remaining resource of > t Au.

The ratio of ferric vs. ferrous iron varies greatly. An ideal end-member "ferrostilpnomelane" can be represented by K 5 Fe 48 2+ (Si 63 Al 9)O (OH) H 2 O. An ideal end-member "ferristilpnomelane" (which is thought to result from oxidation after primary crystallization) can be represented by K 5 Fe 48 3+ (Si 63 Al 9)O H 2 O.

Note that neither end-member composition. The 8th International Conference on Basement Tectonics was held in Butte, Montana, AugustHistorically, basement tectonics conferences have focused on such topics as reactivation of faults, the influence of basement faults on metallogeny and hyrocarbon accumulation, and the use of geophysical and remote sensing techniques to interpret subsurface and surface geology.

of primary ore assemblages from low-sulfation Au-Ag epithermal deposits, at Pongkor, Indonesia and Nassareño, Peru, $ 10 Issue 97 - 4 / Special Issue devoted to the early to middle Archean mineral deposits of the North Pilabra Terrain, West Australia, $ This example is a Paleozoic deposit, however the geometry of the veins is similar to Pamour Mine, which is Archean.

Archean Gold-Host Rocks Salomon and Groves () Archean Goldvarious styles Salomon and Groves () Gold Deposits They are various styles of Archean Deposits: 1. /5(2). The Group Ib Elements (Cu, Ag, Au) and Their Principle Ions.

Copper is reddish coloured metal, takes on a bright metallic luster, and is soft, malleable, ductile, and a good conductor of heat and electricity (second only to silver in electrical conductivity).

It melts at °C. It is only superficially oxidised in air,File Size: KB. Ridge, This book documents the ore deposits of mines throughout the United States.

For each mine, the history and production, geology, and tables are provided. Goldsheet Mining Directory - World Gold Production This site provides graphs that illustrate gold production for every five years from toand gold production by country.

Links are also included to quarterly mine gold and. Robert, F., Poulsen, K.H., and Dubé, B. G OLD DEPOSITS AND THEIR GEOLOGICAL CLASSIFICATION Table 1: Commonly recognized types of lode gold deposits and their main geological attributes (cont’d.) Deposit Type Associated Alteration Metal Association Size & Grade of Deposits Selected ReferencesFile Size: KB.

I have been involved in economic geology research in the past 21 years at various universities in Germany, USA, Canada, Brazil and Australia. I have always enjoyed working in a team oriented environment and consequently supervised 15 Ph.D.

students, 18 Honours students and worked together with five postdoctoral fellows on scale-integrated, multi-disciplinary projects related to metallic ore.He has supervised or co-supervised over 85 PhD, 55 MSc and BSc Honours students at UWA and overseas.

Details Archean Au-Ag-(W) quartz vein/disseminated mineralisation within the Larder Lake-Cadillac Break, Kerr Addison-Chesterville system, north east Ontario, Canada. by J.P. Smith [and others] PDF

He has authored or co-authored approximately papers and book chapters, largely on Archean evolution, komatiite-associated Ni-Cu deposits, orogenic gold deposits, the role of lithosphere in global metallogeny, and prospectivity mapping.1.

Introduction [2] Compared with modern tectonic systems, the geological record of Precambrian tectonic systems is often sparsely preserved, temporal constraints are often fuzzy or lacking, and there is greater potential for reworking during younger tectonic activity.

Consequently, tectonic interpretations for Precambrian events are often ambiguous and subject to high degrees of by: